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  • Donate your Facebook status to Dress In Purple Day (May 12,2022)  or spread the word through Twitter.

  • Feature the photo and information of a fallen first responder on your social media.

  • Feature Make It Purple on your website or blog to spread awareness. Use the Dress in Purple Day logos.

  • Talk with your family about the Texas LODD Task Force, fallen public servants, and their families.

  • Wear purple in May by ordering a button, t-shirt or other items from our online store.

  • Wear purple on Dress In Purple Day (May 12,2022)

  • Download and print Make It Purple flyers and distribute around your community in places like:

    • Your favorite restaurant, salon, dry cleaner, gym, etc.

    • Your local health clinic, doctor's office, cancer center and pharmacy

    • Around your apartment complex or in your community's club house

    • Your local police, fire and EMS stations

  • Send your local newspaper or television station the Make It Purple press release to promote the event.

  • Light your building or home in purple lights. What better way to grab people's attention than dousing your home or workplace in purple lights?


  • Talk to your Communications Department about including a few sentences about the Make It Purple program and supporting fallen first responders and their families in your company newsletter. Check out our sample newsletter article.

  • Purchase one of our t-shirts and have your crew wear them on shift.

  • Wear purple on Dress In Purple Day (May 12,2022)

  • Hold a dress-down day on Dress in Purple Day. You could even ask employees to donate $10 to dress casually and wear purple and then donate those funds to the Texas LODD Task Force.  Talk to your Human Resources Department or manager for approval, and then promote the event to all your coworkers.

  • Host a sidewalk chalk design contest on Dress In Purple Day where weather allows.

  • Distribute purple flowers to employees that have loved ones that serve in the emergency services to honor their loved ones.

  • Put together a purple costume contest to see who can be the most creative! Charge a $10 fee to enter the contest or collect donations as votes (for example: $5 = 1 vote). Contestants must wear purple to be eligible. Purchase something fun from the Make It Purple online store as the contest prize. Again, remember to send us a picture!

  • Organize a coffee fast. For every day someone goes without coffee, ask them to donate the money they would have spent on the purchase ($3-5). Create a chart showing everyone's progress to spark some competition. Encourage everyone to go one to two weeks.

  • Hang our posters at work.

  • Don't forget to purchase awareness bracelets and our goody packs!

  • Use your company's window space to show your support.

  • Ask your company to offer a Corporate Matching Gift, where they match the amount of donations you receive from your coworkers.

  • Buy dessert, a box of donuts or cupcakes and sell it at the office. See if you can get the sweets donated or purchased at a lower cost so you raise more money!

  • Light your building or home in purple lights. What better way to grab people's attention than dousing your home or workplace in purple lights?


  • Plan a Dress in Purple Day event for and clubs, meet-up groups, or girls/guys night out and wear purple on that day. Make sure you send us a picture or hashtag #makeitpurple on your social media

  • Organize a Dress in Purple Day team to participate in a local walk, run or sports tournament. Of course, have your team wear purple and send us a picture! You can find awareness apparel on our online store.

  • Host a fundraising event (garage sales, bake sales, talent shows etc.).  These events are a great excuse to fundraise for Make It Purple!

  • Purchase our goodie bags and distribute them to your friends and families.

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