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You and your organization/business are invited to help Make It Purple this May in support of Fallen First Responder month.  Locations can be decorated or lit up in purple for the month, or to support Dress in Purple Day on May 12th.


• Use purple lighting outside your building.
• Use purple lights or rope lighting on trees,
bushes, poles and around your building.
• Tie purple ribbons around trees.
• Hang purple or purple and black banners/bunting 


• Decorate the lobby with purple balloons and signs (see our shop)
• Light the interior lobby purple and have signage to explain why it’s purple.
• Post educational fliers or posters inside your facility. You can download them for free from
• Have employees (and customers) write messages or thank you messages to first responders and place them on the wall.

  • Place a small memorial table or section of the lobby.  Use purple flowers and flameless candles.


• Place purple decorations such as balloons, streamers, signs or purple lights in windows.
• Cover windows with purple gel paper or translucent film.
• Create a display using photos and graphics of first responder items.
• Display photos and stories about first responders collected from your employees or customers.




Making Spotlights Purple: Here is an easy way to change out the lighting. Cover the spotlight with 20”x24” sheets of colored plastic, made especially for theater lighting, and affix with tape or wires. The sheets are called Rosco Roscolux Sheet R48(rose purple) and R1991 (heat shield). The heat shield goes closest to the light to keep the gel from burning. These supplies can be ordered from any local theatrical outlet company or check with the companies suggested below.

Gobo: A gobo is a metal disk that slides into a standard ellipsoidal theatrical light. These lights can be set on the floor when a base is attached, hung from a light tree (metal pole on tripod stand), or hung from ceiling trussing. When the light passes through the gobo (which has the custom logo cut out of it) it projects that image wherever you point the light. You can also add a gel (colored piece of plastic) to the top of the light and change the color of
the projected image. 

LED Lights: Organizations that have LED lights may be able to easily turn their lights purple. Ask the facilities manager



Light Bulbs-,
Home Stores such as Loews, Home Depot, etc. sell purple light bulbs that would be appropriate for homes.

Gels and Filters-,




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